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Debra Jennings Law Office defends individuals and companies on legal issues involving civil rights. Civil rights laws are multi-faceted, complicated, and dynamic. They are constantly influx, but preserve your wide-ranging rights and freedoms that are in step with local, federal, state laws, and the constitution. Our law office works to preserve your individual rights to personal privacy, freedom of movement, thought and expression, public and private assembly and association, religious practice, liberty, and the freedom to choose.  We defend your right to access to public education and housing. We resolve issues related to police misconduct and all forms of discrimination, including harassment on basis of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or mental disability, religion, race, and national origin.
Jennings Law Office conducts thorough research on cases, drafts legal pleadings, argues cases in court, and more. We have strong and successful track record of negotiating settlements. If you feel that your human rights have been violated, that your civil rights have been compromised, call us immediately to evaluate your case, as we endeavor ensure that justice is restored on your behalf.